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Following the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) today, Renault has announced a range-wide price update. The entire lineup will see a decrease with up to 1.12% touted. For starters, the CKD Renault Fluence is now priced at RM113,888 on-the-road (OTR) without insurance – a separate 6% charge will be imposed on insurance costs.

The most significant decrease in price on any Renault model is reflected in the CBU Megane RS 265 Sport with a RM2,111 decline. The aforementioned decrease of 1.12% comes courtesy of the updated price for the CBU Renault Koleos which sees a new tag of RM178,888 OTR without insurance, as opposed to the earlier figure of RM180,921.

Renault GST pricelist Sheet1 copy

Not GST-related but new nonetheless is Renault’s decision to attach a varying price tag for its assembled-in-France Clio RS 200 depending on colour options. Going for a Flamme Red Clio will now cost you RM171,888 OTR without insurance post-GST while ordering a black, silver or white variant requires you to part with RM166,888. The Clio RS 200 Red Pack now costs RM170,888 OTR without insurance.

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