To showcase its eco range of cars, BMW has officially opened its showroom called, the BMW i Megacity Studio for this purpose and interestingly, it’s not situated in Munich but in Japan. The first in the world, the showroom by BMW Japan, will have on display BMW’s “i” lineup.

The showroom will have just two cars for now, the existing BMW i3 and the sports hybrid coupe, the BMW i8. While both cars are impressive on its own, it’s the facilities, design and build of the showroom that is the current features which deserve mention – most of it is environmentally-friendly

On top of the rectangular-shaped building, solar panels have been installed onto the roofing which will be used to charge the compact i3 and of course to provide power to the showroom. Additionally, the showroom’s materials are the same recyclable composites which is used to build the i3 and i8.

Located in Tokyo’s Toranomon area, in the district of Minato, a BMW Genius resident will also be on-hand to provide personalised assistance to walk-ins who want to test out BMW’s premium range of electric and hybrid “i” vehicles. There’s also “i lifestyle accessories for sale and a car sharing service for the i3.