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BMW is said to be delving into the idea of building a mid-engined V8 supercar, but not on its own. The brand is reportedly already in talks with McLaren to jointly develop a two-door coupe, one of which will be BMW-badged, Car reports. Both brands have previously worked together on the McLaren F1, with BMW providing the icon’s V12 engine.

It states that BMW had toyed with such a thought even before the BMW i8 came to life, but the arrival of new bosses, CEO Harald Kruger and M Division head Frank Van Meel, has added momentum to the idea. New R&D chief Klaus Frolich was said to have initiated exploratory talks with McLaren earlier this year.

The flagship is expected to be unveiled at Frankfurt 2017 and reach dealerships by 2019, if all goes well. The supercar is said to be coming in the form of a coupe first, with a roadster perhaps to follow. A carbon fibre body and chassis developed by McLaren will be used, one that is speculated to belong to the next-generation McLaren 650S, codenamed P16.

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BMW is a powertrain expert and will be the one to develop the engine – word is that it will be a 4.0 litre V8 with quad-turbochargers; two conventional turbines and the two others electrically spooled. Targeted power output is believed to be somewhere around 750 hp and a plug-in hybrid is not on the list, for now.

Externally, BMW’s supercar will look entirely different from the next-generation 650S, while inside it is said that Munich wants a bespoke instrument panel, with infotainment, connectivity and driver assistance features shared with McLaren. Suspensions, steering and braking systems will be shared as well, but with specific tuning. Germany is home of the autobahn, and a high-speed bias is expected.

With a price tag of over £150,000 (RM984,057), the German supercar will be up against usual suspects Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin. Production is slated to start in late 2018 with BMW looking at less than 1,000 units a year. How does an evil twin to the i8 sound, BMW fans?

BMW i8 in Malaysia

McLaren 650S in Malaysia