At the ongoing 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, Nissan announced its partnership with Microsoft to power its Connect Telematics System (CTS). The system will be powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform, and will find its way into all Nissan Leaf models and Infiniti models in Europe.

Nissan CTS allows a remote connection to the vehicle, allowing Leaf owners to perform a range of function on their car via their smartphones. This includes turning on and adjusting climate controls and setting charging functions remotely even when the vehicle is powered down. There is even an on-board timer that can be programmed to start the charging.

Over-the-air “point of interest” (POI) updates can also be delivered directly to vehicles as they become available, providing customers with the latest information as Nissan continues to refresh its services. This connectivity to Azure allows Nissan to bring new connected features to market faster and offer flexibility for the future.

Naturally, data privacy and technology standards are a major concern when it comes to cloud-based computing. Nissan’s decision to partner with Microsoft is due to the software giant being the first major cloud provider to adopt the world’s first international cloud privacy standard, ISO 27018. That should bode well for the safety and stability of the service.