The BMW X7 will be coming in two variants – a standard seven-seater and a super luxurious four-seater model, Automotive News reports. The X7 is part of BMW’s plans to expand its GKL (Grand Klasse) models, which includes the G11/G12 7 Series.

According to BMW’s sales chief, Ian Robertson, the X7’s visual styling will be different from the X5 – quite unlike Theophilus Chin’s rendering above, then. The SUV will sport a monocoque chassis and will not share any parts with the Rolls-Royce crossover – the Cullinan, as it’s called by insiders – that’s due in 2018.

Robertson declined to state as to whether the BMW X7 will be a direct competitor against the up and coming Maybach version of the Mercedes-Benz GL. “Of course the quintessential luxury is still the Rolls-Royce – we do not need a Maybach,” Robertson quipped.


Meanwhile, CEO of BMW North America, Ludwig Willisch, stated that the brand sees a “slowing of sedan sales.” Pointing to competitors, Willisch noted that some are expecting 60% to 70% of sales to be crossovers. BMW foresees that SUVs will make up 40% of BMW’s total US sales this year, up from 30% last year.

Willisch said that the more luxurious X7 variant will be a niche car and will represent about 1% of X7 sales. It’s said that it will be priced at over USD$100k (RM399k), but “it would not be in the USD$200k (RM798k) price range,” according to Willisch, unlike some of its newer SUV rivals like the Bentley Bentayga. On that note, the Volvo XC90 already has a luxury four-seat variant and it’s called the Excellence.