This is quite exciting, guys. Here we present the very first photos of the 2017 Honda CR-V. That’s right, this is the next-generation SUV that will replace the current fourth-gen “Comfortable Run-about Vehicle” that has been a sales success in Malaysia and various markets around the world.

Luckily enough, the prototype here appears to wear the production body and light units, giving us a very clear look at what’s in store for us next year. As expected, the front will wear Honda’s latest corporate look, with a big open grille flanked by full LED headlamps, making up the “Solid Wing Face.”

Round the side, you’ll see a contoured body with an upswept window line past the C-pillar. It’s at the rear where the CR-V looks to adopt a more adventurous design approach. The wrap-around taillights protrude out of the bodywork rather prominently, while the trademark vertical elements are still present.

Two (small) exhaust pipes can be seen, similar the 1.5 litre VTEC Turbo-powered 2016 Honda Civic. Could the next CR-V get a turbocharged engine too? That’s very likely the case, as earlier reports have suggested that the 2017 CR-V will be built on the latest Civic’s base, with a downsized forced-induction motor under the hood.

It’s also a given that the new model will be larger than before, which is apparent here. Meanwhile, Honda Australia has recently indicated that the next CR-V may get a seven-seat option. If that is so, it’s likely to mirror the similarly-sized Nissan X-Trail’s 5+2 seating layout rather than having seven proper seats.

So folks, what do you think of this – do you like what you see?