The all-new G30 BMW 5 Series has been teased again – Munich has revealed a series of videos that show off the technologies of its upcoming executive model, and has also provided a date for the car’s full reveal: October 13. For now, there have been two videos released over the weekend, with another three over the coming days making it five teasers that will be shown ahead of Thursday’s unveiling.

Features shown in the videos have been detailed before. The first is the Remote 3D View, which uses the surround view cameras to provide a three-dimensional view of the car’s surroundings, much like the G12 7 Series – only this time you’ll be able to see it remotely via the BMW Connected smartphone app, a BMW first.

Also showcased is the Steering and Lane Control Assist, which has also been implemented in the 7 Series. Like the Drive Pilot system on the W213 Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the function on the 5 Series allows for hands-free driving in certain situations.

However, the depiction of the driver actively taking his hands off the wheel (and using the touchscreen to zoom in on the navigation map, no less) hints that the BMW could have a more advanced system – although it’s unclear if it will change lanes autonomously, as the Mercedes system does.

Not shown so far is the Crossroads Warning function that warns the driver of crossing traffic and supports in preventing or mitigating a collision. More details of the new G30 BMW 5 Series can be found here.