The Nissan e-NV200, the carmaker’s electric-powered light commercial vehicle, has received a significant improvement. The EV’s battery is now a new 40 kWh unit, which gives the e-NV200 a 60% extended range.

The 40 kWh battery, like the one that comes with the new second-generation Leaf, allows the e-NV200 to travel up to 280 km in the European NEDC cycle. That’s over 100 km more than before on a single charge, but it’s of course less than what the smaller Leaf can achieve (378 km). Nissan says that the battery size has been maintained, which means there’s no reduction in load space.

“With its longer range and excellent cargo capacity, the new e-NV200 is the perfect last mile delivery solution for urban deliveries and collections. Given the huge impact that business deliveries/collections and professional drivers have on air quality and traffic congestion, especially in city centres, helping cut the level of CO2 emissions they create is a vital part of creating a more sustainable future, said Gareth Dunsmore, EV director of Nissan Europe.

The latest Nissan e-NV200 with the upgraded 40 kWh battery will be available to order before the end of 2017. Of more relevance to us is the new Nissan Leaf, which will be coming to Malaysia next year.