‘NBOS’ number plate series open for bidding today

Yet another new number plate series is on the cards, if posts on Facebook are to be believed. Reader Kent Lim has pointed us towards photos circulating on the social media platform that reveal the announcement of a new ‘NBOS’ series plate, with tenders slated to begin from today, October 10.

No details in the announcement beyond the opening date and the mention that the process will follow general tender requirements, so it remains to be seen when the series will be introduced, and whether it will follow a traditional NBOS 1 to NBOS 9999 sequence or a shorter NBOS 1 to NBOS 1000 set as seen with the A1M series launched last month.

There’s also no word on what minimum bidding prices will be, so everything remains conjecture for now. Presumably, the plate series is being introduced under the ambit of the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) programme, a government-based multi-agency collaboration between various government agencies. One of the programme’s initiatives has been the implementation of Urban Transformation Centres (UTC) in the country.

The past couple of months have seen a number of new plate series being introduced, with ‘Y‘ being the latest, last week. This joins ‘G‘ and ‘A1M‘ as the most recent additions to the special plate list, which also includes the likes of ‘U‘, ‘US‘, ‘SMS‘, ‘RIMAU‘, ‘PERFECT’, ‘NAAM’, ‘VIP’, ‘GT’, ‘PATRIOT’, as well as ‘AKU‘, ‘RR‘ and ‘DDD‘.

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