Y series number plates now available – from RM1,000

As there are still unassigned letters, the sale goes on. Hot on the heels of the G series is this, the Y series number plate, now available for tender. You have until October 20 to submit your bids, with results set to be published on November 1.

The Y 1 to Y 9999 number plate series is one approved by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) for the Yayasan Nur Jauhar founded by Tun Jauhar and Toh Puan Hajah Norlidah. According to the www.yplate.com.my website, the foundation aspires to provide aid and assistance to the underprivileged community in Sabah regardless of their background, religion or ethnic group.

Y series number plates now available – from RM1,000

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The vendor has set minimum bidding prices for various categories, depending on how “special” the number is. Minimum bids range from RM1,000 for “ordinary” numbers to RM300,000 for single digits. The top ‘Y 1’ plate will sell for a minimum of RM600,000 or whatever figure reached by a bidding war.

Besides the recent G series, there has been a raft of fancy plate offerings lately. We’ve seen ‘A1M‘, ‘U’, ‘US’, ‘SMS‘, ‘RIMAU‘, ‘PERFECT’, ‘NAAM’, ‘VIP’, ‘GT’ and ‘PATRIOT’, on top of unique regular series plates such as ‘AKU‘ and ‘RR‘ and ‘DDD‘.