With China being one of the world’s largest market for electric vehicles, MINI is looking to get in on some of that action with a second all-electric vehicle built exclusively for the market. The company’s first EV was previewed by the MINI Electric Concept, which is set to be unveiled next year.

According to Auto Express, the China-exclusive MINI EV will be built locally as part of a joint venture with Great Wall Motors (GWM). This need to build and sell cars within China is due to tight regulations that involve the BMW Group-sourced battery used, which isn’t a locally produced part in China.

As a result, the production version of the MINI Electric Concept will likely not be exported to China, which warrants another EV model for the Chinese market. It is rumoured the China-only MINI EV will be tailored towards the needs of local customers, and not simply be a direct copy of the model offered outside China.

BMW currently has a Chinese partnership with Brilliance Auto Group, where the joint venture includes a battery factory for electrified BMW brand vehicles produced in Shenyang. It is yet to be known if the partnership with GWM will involve the factory supplying batteries for this new model.