Now that Proton’s first-ever SUV has finally received its name, the question on the minds of most Malaysians is why the model is being called the X70.

As you may know, the national carmaker previously organised an online poll inviting the public to vote for the name of the Geely Boyue-based model. At the time, four choices were available – X7, PX7, X70 or X700.

During this morning’s media preview of the X70, it was revealed that almost 90,000 people took part in the poll, of which 60% voted for X70. The fact that the name won by a majority isn’t just a demonstration of democracy in action either.

Proton says X70 was selected as it would be more acceptable in ASEAN as well as other international markets without having to adjust for naming conventions in other markets. As the SUV will be exported outside of Malaysia, the need for a standardised nameplate would make things easier from a coding perspective as well.

Breaking down the name, Proton explains that the letter ‘X’ serves to denote vehicles in the crossover or SUV segment. Meanwhile, the number ‘70’ refers to the size/class of the SUV, and provides Proton with naming system that allows bigger or small models to be added in the future. Think Volvo’s XC line-up that ranges from the compact XC40 to the XC60 and on to the XC90.

To add, Proton CEO Li Chunrong mentioned during the preview that the name was also chosen to emphasis the automaker’s name rather than the model on its own.

The X70 is the first Proton model to use an alphanumeric naming system but it won’t be the only one, as future models being introduced will follow the same system as well. Whether this will spell the end of iconic nameplates such as the Saga, Perdana, Persona, etc. remain to be seen.

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