Volkswagen Golf Mk8 – additional design sketches revealed ahead of hatchback’s debut on October 24

Volkswagen will officially unveil the eighth-generation Golf on October 24 in Wolfsburg, and has released more design sketches of the hatchback to give us another preview of what the car will look like.

The German carmaker says the latest Golf will have an exterior design that is “more dynamic than ever before,” and from what we can see, it certainly appears that way, as the vehicle depicted does remind us of the third-generation Scirocco.

It’s a lovely shape, but the real-life Mk8 will be noticeably different from Volkswagen’s sketches. As seen in previous spyshots of an undisguised example, the final production version will more closely resemble the outgoing Mk7.5 Golf, so that extremely low-slung roofline won’t be a reality. This isn’t much of a surprise, as design sketches typically exaggerate the look of vehicles prior to their debut.

Be that as it may, the exterior sketch does contain styling cues that have made their way into production, such as the smaller headlights with “tails” extending towards the front wheel arches. These flank a slimmer main grille that features a trim piece linking the clusters, with the Volkswagen logo at the middle.

The sketch also shows a full-width lower apron with three strakes contained within, which is a cue also seen in spyshots as well as a teaser photo of a prototype dressed in psychedelic camouflage that Volkswagen released at the end of August.

There are no sketches showing the Mk8 from the rear, but we know highlights include wraparound, L-shaped taillights, while the slim reflectors have been pushed further upwards away from the dual exhaust trims.

As for the interior, the Mk8 will sport dual displays on the dashboard, with one of them acting as the instrument cluster and the other catering towards the car’s other functions. We’ve already seen this layout in prior spyshots, but the interior sketch does provide us with some finer details.

In the lower half of the two-tier dashboard, you’ll find buttons to directly access the car’s driver assistance functions, drive modes, climate control system and something called “P Menu.” These, along with the hazard light button, are positioned in the middle of the full-width air vent with a long trim piece running through it.

Volkswagen Golf Mk8 – additional design sketches revealed ahead of hatchback’s debut on October 24

Meanwhile, to the left of the digital instrument cluster display are what appears to be touch buttons to control the car’s lighting and defroster. More touch-sensitive controls are found just below the centre screen, which allow users to change the climate control temperature.

The Mk8 will mark a significant step forward for the Golf, but we’ll have to wait two more weeks for the full reveal to find out everything. Excited?

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