Everyone loves videos, and they love videos about cars. In 2019, we served up plenty of them, but there were some that were more popular than others, and so, it’s time to find out what our biggest hits of the year were.

Some brief stats, before we get to the meat. Our own videos garnered more than 29 million views, both on YouTube and Facebook. No surprises as to the popularity of certain brands, and topics. National carmakers Perodua and Proton – and that associated closely with them – featured strongly, and Honda had quite a bit of air time as well. As you’d expect, comparos found their way on to the list.

With that, on with the show!

10. QUICK LOOK: Daihatsu New Compact SUV – 2020 Perodua D55L SUV?277k views

Before it was officially announced as the Rocky, Daihatsu showed off the SUV as an unnamed concept at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, and we got a good first look at it. There was obviously plenty of interest in the vehicle, and for good reason – the car will provide the basis for Perodua’s new D55L B-segment SUV, which is expected this year.

9. FIRST LOOK: 2019 Proton Saga facelift296k views

The Proton Saga continues to engage, with the first look of the 2019 facelift being the ninth most popular video on paultan.org. The latest iteration of the Saga gets new kit, replaces the four-speed automatic with a Hyundai CVT, and best of all, is cheaper. It ended 2019 being the best seller for the brand, and it’s easy to see why.

8. FIRST LOOK: 2019 Perodua Axia facelift311k views

In September, Perodua refreshed its Axia for 2019, and we took a look at the changes and new kit brought about by the update. The big news with this one is the inclusion of vehicle stability control (VSC) and Advanced Safety Assist (ASA) 2.0. Elsewhere, the Axia face has also been unified, and a new SUV-flavoured Style variant expands the line-up variety.

7. FIRST LOOK: 2020 Honda City RS 1.0L VTEC Turbo in Thailand324k views

The all-new Honda City made its debut in Thailand in late November, and we caught the car shortly after at the Thailand Motor Expo. The new City has been significantly redesigned inside and out, but the biggest change lies under the bonnet, in the form of a new 122 PS and 173 Nm 1.0 litre turbocharged three-cylinder engine.

6. DRIVEN 2019: Honda Civic Type R vs Renault Megane RS vs Volkswagen Golf R337k views

Comparison tests are always a hit, and this one pitched three missiles at each other to see which was the most explosive. Finding the winner was challenging, but the guys had an absolute blast doing so. We remain jealous.

5. FIRST LOOK: 2019 Geely Jiaji – next Proton MPV?425k views

You can bet there’s interest in anything that can possibly end up as a Proton, and this is proof of that – Matthew managed to take a quick look at the Geely Jiaji in China, and though there was no driving involved. Plenty of insights as to what can be expected, should it become the new Proton MPV.

4. AD: Havoc Raya with the 2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrak529k views

The fourth most-viewed video on paultan.org saw two extremely talented – and invaluable – members of our video team going in front of the camera alongside the venerable Hafriz Shah, and what a hoot it turned out to be. If you add in the more than 506,000 views on Ford Malaysia’s Facebook post, this one achieved more than a million views. Damned neat.

3. DRIVEN 2019: Perodua Aruz SUV vs Honda BR-V vs Toyota Sienta536k views

Another three-way comparison sits high up the 2019 charts, this one involving the vehicle that made for the most popular story of 2019 on the site. Here, the Perodua Aruz went head-to-head with the Honda BR-V and Toyota Sienta. Doesn’t sound blistering, but there’s more to life than horsepower and speed, yes there is.

2. DRIVEN 2019: Proton X70 SUV vs Honda CR-V vs Subaru XV537k views

Our second-most popular video was another shootout – in the first episode of the Driven Web Series for 2019, the new kid on the block duked it out with the Subaru XV and what is arguably the doyen of the segment, the Honda CR-V.

1. FIRST LOOK: New Proton X50? The 2019 Geely Binyue 1.5 Turbo682k views

Our most viewed video in 2019 was of a car that will provide the basis for the Proton X50. Our walkaround of the Geely Binyue offered a glimpse of what Malaysian buyers can expect from the B-segment SUV when it eventually arrives. Going by this, there’s definitely plenty to look forward to.