Proton X50 key fob leaked – comes with remote start?

The launch of Proton’s first ever B-segment SUV is upon us. As a prelude to the grand unveiling event, we are treated to a single photo of what appears to be the X50’s key fob, courtesy of reader Lepat Pisang.

This side of the device appears to have a metallic sheen, complete with a brushed strip and the Proton script. There are reasons to believe that this is in fact the X50’s key fob – a quick look at the video below, featuring the Geely Coolray (as the Binyue is known in the Philippines), reveals the same hexagonal shape and chromed outer edges. Looks good, too, doesn’t it?

What’s more interesting is the four-button layout, particularly the lowermost button which activates the remote engine start function. This is likely to be offered on the Proton X50 as well, but it’s unclear if this feature is reserved only for the more expensive models.

Remote engine start, or remote keyless ignition system, is typically a function that allows a person to start his or her car from a distance and have the engine warm itself up (useful in frigid winter conditions). In most cases, this remote start also activates the air conditioning system, ensuring that the cabin is cool upon entry.

You might be wondering about security, but don’t worry, these features have existed far longer than you might have thought, going as far back as 1985. Even the Honda Civic FC which debuted in 2016 has this feature. When activated, the key fob sends a very specific signal (usually encrypted) to the vehicle, and keeps the vehicle locked even when the engine and air-con are operating.

If a thief so much as breaks in to the car, it would be impossible to even shift gears without the key fob being physically present in the car. Another anti-theft measure is that the engine automatically shuts off when the thief presses on any of the two foot pedals, or pries open the bonnet. Cool, right?

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