FMCO: Lockdown extended by two weeks, to June 28

The government has announced that phase one of the full movement control order (FMCO) will be extended by two weeks from June 15 to 28. No surprise as to the extension of the nationwide lockdown, what with daily Covid-19 cases still well above the 5,000 mark. The number of reported cases today was 6,849.

As before, all sectors, with the exception of essential economic and service sectors that are listed as such by the national security council (MKN), will not be allowed to operate during the period. Existing standard operating procedures (SOPs), which were updated for the FMCO, will remain in place.

This includes vehicle capacity restrictions, where only two people per household will be allowed to go out in a car to buy food, medicine and essentials. An allowance will be given for a maximum of three people to travel in a vehicle for the purpose of seeking medical care or emergency medical services, including the person needing that medical attention, within a 10 km radius from the point of residence.

The travel for essentials is also restricted to a 10 km radius from the location of one’s residence, the movement limit similar to that implemented in the first MCO last year. For taxis and ride-hailing services, the number of people in a car is also limited to two, including the driver, and the passenger must sit in the rear.

On the automotive front, car sales have of course come to a complete halt, as all car showrooms are closed and no test drives of any sort are permitted. Auto production will also continue to be halted at plants across the country for the duration of the FMCO.

However, certain essential businesses have been permitted to operate, and these are car workshops, after-sales service centres, spare parts businesses as well as tyre shops, although not all businesses related to these were running during the initial part of the lockdown.

Similarly, all services at both Puspakom and the road transport department (JPJ) have stopped until the lockdown is over. Those with their driving license, road tax (LKM) or vocational license (PSV/GDL) expiring between June 1 to July 31 have been given leeway to renew the documents from August 1 to September 30 this year.

As it was with the previous MCO-related leeway, all vehicles with expired road tax must have valid insurance cover. Print out and keep your insurance e-cover note in the vehicle and present it to the authorities when required.