EVx 2023: Double the hall space, exhibitors from 2022 – number of visitors also up to 22k from 10k last year

EVx 2023: Double the hall space, exhibitors from 2022 – number of visitors also up to 22k from 10k last year

If 2022 was a year of gentle growth for electrification in Malaysia, then 2023 has been very much a huge leap forward, despite the year only being just over the halfway mark at this point. Activity has picked up considerably, with the influx of new electric vehicle offerings coming on to the scene having plenty to do with that resulting spike and the corresponding surge of interest in the genre.

This is best exemplified from the response to the paultan.org Electric Vehicle Expo (EVx), which was held on July 22-23 at the Setia City Convention Centre (SCCC). To put it simply, this year’s show easily eclipsed that managed by the inaugural outing last year.

How so? Well, EVx 2023 was more than double the size of the 2022 show, both in terms of hall space and number of exhibitors. The number of visitors to the event also doubled, from around 10,000 in 2022 to over 22,000 this year.

Of course, much of that swell in attendance was undoubtedly due to the presence of a number of fresh faces, with no less than four EVs making their first public appearance at the show. There was the Tesla Model Y, fresh off its launch in the country two days prior, as well as the Hyundai Ioniq 6, which made its Malaysian debut the night before the event.

Also making their public debuts were the smart #1, which is set to be launched here sometime in the fourth quarter, and BYD Dolphin, which was previewed at EVx ahead of its official launch a week later.

Besides the new faces, visitors to the event managed to catch just about everything EV-related currently available in the country under one roof. Automotive brands that were present at EVx 2023 were Mercedes-Benz and smart (represented by Hap Seng Star and Hap Seng Smart), BMW and MINI (through Wheelcorp Premium), Volvo, Audi, Hyundai, BYD, GWM and Lotus.

They were joined by a host of other exhibitors, which included the likes of Petronas, Gentari, JomCharge (via EV Connection), Kineta, evhub.my, Bank Islam, Bank Muamalat, myTukar, V-Kool and Dodo Mat.

Of course, it’s only set to grow further from here, and you can expect the scene to get busier in the coming future as more brands and models head our way. We’ll be there in the thick of the action, what with EVx set to be back for its third edition in 2024. Yes, you’ll be seeing us again next year!

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  • Double the hall space? WOW. No wonder Malaysia is becoming EV Powerhouse.

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  • It was a good exhibition, lots of EVs under one roof. A note for future improvement – please inform BMW that when they bring a car for display, allow people to have a look. Every sales agent for the i7 were so arrogant and didn’t even bother to welcome someone to view the car. In comparison, the Audi e-tron sales staff were so welcoming and didn’t bat an eye when my kids and I explored the car. Even Tesla with the biggest crowd had sales staff meeting and greeting everyone. They didn’t just stand back and ignore people.

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    • newme on Aug 01, 2023 at 10:41 am

      Tell that to the BYD Dolphin. Bring car there but wrap like mummy.

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      • Yes, agreed. Although, I can understand if they want to maintain an air of secrecy/excitement, but nowadays these cars are all available in other markets before coming to MY, so what’s the point of covering everything up?! BYD sales people were also so pushy. I told the guy I already own an EV and I’m just looking around. He told me, “Buy the Atto for your wife lah”.. this isn’t a bloody market lah… MY sales people need some proper professionalism… They always water-down the customer’s experience. Buying a 150k can is made to feel like buying a handphone.

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        • Holofanboi on Aug 02, 2023 at 11:20 am

          The problem is the ones with the real cashflow (>5mil and above) tend to act and speak in that manner. If you are in ANY industry where you are dealing with these individuals DIRECTLY, you will come to realize this is the correct approach of communication.

          Its the ones who are sub millionaires or lower who have an air of superiority and tend to have a demanding level of service. This was actually the MINIMUM level of expected service in the 80s.

          I am sure there outliers but this is the unfortunate truth about HNI/UHNI buyers here.

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