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  • Audi R8 Supercar Spyshots

    Here’s the first ever on the road spyshots of the Audi R8 supercar which was previously known as the Audi Le Mans concept. The Audi R8 is said to be based on the Lamborghini Gallardo […]

  • Ford: Only Fords in our car park please

    Ford Motor Co just announced that from February 1st 2006 onwards, there will be no vehicles from makes other than those built by Ford or one of it’s subsidiaries allowed in it’s Ford Dearborn Tuck […]

  • Lamborghini confirms plans to build SUV

    The SUV craze. I don’t have to introduce this phenomenon to you anymore. Heh. Porsche’s Cayenne was a hit and Lamborghini has plans now to emulate the success with a luxury SUV of it’s own.

  • The Road Angels

    I’ve come across this pretty interesting service called the Road Angels so I thought I’d introduce them to you here, since all of you probably have cars and there’s a chance you’d get into a […]

  • McLaren F1 Car versus Mercedes Road Cars

    Want to see how fast an F1 car is compared to road cars? This video pitches a West Mclaren Mercedes F1 car driven by David Coulthard against a Mercedes Benz E50 and a Mercedes Benz […]

  • Honda Civic Euro Video

    This is Honda’s promotional footage for the Honda Civic Euro hatchback, which is of course available in Europe only unless you import one in. It has a different two-tiered dashboard design than the USDM and […]

  • Handling Battle: Lotus Exige versus Apache Gunship

    Jeremy Clarkson puts the Lotus Exige in a head-on handling bout against an Apache helicopter gunship. Trust Top Gear to always come up with outrageous but entertaining ways to test his sports cars. Jeremy Clarkson […]

  • Proton to use Petronas E01 family engines?

    Proton Holdings Bhd signed a memorandum of intent (MOI) with Petronas to develop larger-capacity engines and an environmentally friendly alternative fuel system. The MOI involves Proton and Petronas working together to explore the development of […]

  • Proton SRM Satria Replacement Model Video

    You’ve been used to looking at spyshots, but this is the first ever spy video on this blog! Reader Aris Tee sent in this video of the Proton Satria Replacement Model that his brother captured […]

  • 2006 Honda Civic in Malaysia – Front Spyshot

    A reader sent this in. The 2006 Honda Civic, this time with a frontal spyshot. Looking good. The square Honda badge’s outline is kind of visible through all the masking. Headlamps disguised. And it kind […]

  • Mitsubishi open to tech alliance

    Although Mitsubishi has denied any future joint venture plans with Proton, it’s CEO Osamu Masuko said on Tuesday that it would still be open to forming technology-based alliances with Malaysia’s national carmaker. However he said […]

  • Prodrive P2

    I previously posted on the Prodrive P2 Concept back in mid-December last year. What we had before are only concept drawings, but these are photos of the proper 2-seater sports car, which went from concept […]

  • Supercars in daily driving

    Another Top Gear feature demonstrating why supercars belong in the track only and not in the streets. Navigating out of a carpark is an absolute nightmare, which is why jockey parking exists! Video is after […]


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