One more addition to the new second generation R56 MINI family – the 2007 MINI One, which will make it’s debut at Geneva 2007 next month. The MINI One is the entry-level model into the range, sporting a 1.4 litre normally aspirated engine derived from the 1.6 litre normally aspirated engine in the MINI Cooper. The 1.4 litre engine from the new Prince family jointly developed with PSA Peugeot Citroen promises at least a zippy feel to the MINI One: 95hp at 6,000rpm and 140Nm of torque at 4,000rpm. The engine features Valvetronic fully variable valve timing control, which also eliminates the use of a throttle butterfly, helping with the pumping losses that happens when a partly open throttle butterfly blocks the air intake path.

0-100km/h is done in 10.9 seconds, hardly astounding, but if you want performance go for the MINI Cooper or MINI Cooper S. The MINI One has a fuel efficiency of 4.74 litres per 100km travelled, an efficiency increase of about 15 percent over the outgoing MINI One which was discontinued at the end of last year.

Gearbox is a 6-speed manual, with two overdrive gears with the 6th one designed with an especially long ratio for optimum fuel economy even at high cruising speeds. There’s also a 6-speed auto transmission available, with the option of manual shifting either via the gear lever or paddle shifts mounted on the steering wheel. A Sports button activates faster gearshifts in the automatic gearbox – for the manual you just have to do your clutch foot work faster!

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