Proton GEN2 Ecologic

Proton has launched a new duel-fuel version of the Proton GEN2 in the UK that can run on both petrol and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). It’s called the Proton GEN2 ecoLogic. A small meter near to the gear lever shows which fuel you are running on, and there are warning lights to tell you when you are going to run out of LPG.

According to Parker’s, a litre of LPG gets you about 80% of the mileage you can get out of a litre petrol, but LPG costs approximately 50% cheaper in the UK. There are currently about 1,400 LPG stations in the UK, and 140,000 LPG vehicles on UK roads. Autogas Ltd’s Chris Taylor says this could potentially halve a UK motorist’s bill by roughly 40%.

The car could also qualify for lower road tax because LPG combustion produces less exhaust pollutants, therefore lowering its impact on the environment. The car’s new CO2 figures have yet to be confirmed so the new road tax band is unknown but according to Proton, CO2 emissions are expected to be 15% lower.

The new GEN2 ecoLogic comes with the same 3 year or 60,000 mile (96,560km) warranty as the rest of the GEN2 range in the UK, so there’s no need to worry about your warranty unlike aftermarket conversions. Only 1.6 litre models are available and they cost exactly the same price as the petrol-only models. The only difference is there are cheaper petrol models available with 1.3 litre engines. Both the Persona and the GEN2 are called the GEN2 in the UK, so the UK-market Persona is available with this LPG conversion as well.

Don’t expect this to be coming to Malaysia anytime soon though, as our natural gas vehicles and refueling stations run on CNG (compressed natural gas) instead of LPG. Proton has mentioned before in the past that it would be introducing NGV cars soon and when that happens we will most likely get CNG models.

UPDATE: Proton has launched the Proton Persona CNG in Thailand.