A pretty good Photoshop showing how the Proton Perdana replacement model based on an extended Volkswagen Passat platform could look like. This artist’s impression was done by a talented guy named Theophilus.

The grill follows the same wau concept which Proton has been using for the Gen2 and the Savvy.

The base car is a Skoda Superb which is also based on an extended Passat platform. Pleasing to the eye for people who drool over the Audi A4 but can’t afford one.

It’s not known whether the Perdana replacement model would be using a higher displacement Campro engine or a Volkswagen engine.

Looking at the way Proton is introducing their new models, Proton has been focusing on replacements instead of improvements. What does this imply? The previous model was not good so they had to junk it and replace it?

I think it’s a good idea to continue with the Proton Perdana name as the name still carries a bit of prestige unlike the other Proton model names which have been tarnished by horrible QC. However, Proton seems to want to use English names instead for the ease of exporting.

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