srm_100306_thumbnail.jpgHere are the latest spy images for the Proton Satria Replacement Model or Proton SRM24 which have been in testing phases for quite some time already. These photos were taken while the Proton SRM was parked in a parking lot, with it’s driver nowhere to be found. Because of that the photographer managed to get shots of the interior. Spyshots are after the jump!


Bling bling rims are still there! Headlights are smoked.


Proton seems to have mounted the number plate on the rear bumper instead of on the hatch lid for the back. I think it would look better on the hatch lid like the previous spyshots. What do you think? Hatch lid or bumper?


Interior! There’s the Audi look-alike steering wheel which you also find on the new Perdana V6. And the same beige interior with vertical line-up of dials we’ve seen somewhere else before. Looks like that was the interior for the SRM after all. There seems to be a dial on the steering wheel spoke? I’ve seen buttons but not a dial before. Maybe volume control or something? Not sure.