One of the main peeves on Proton cars have been it’s notorious quality control, as evident from a previous post I made on how to fix the Proton Gen2’s door latch. The problem with the Proton Gen2 door latch was the assembly line personnel did not align the latch properly, thus making it abit hard to open and close.

Word is that this particular QC issue has been fixed with new Proton Gen2 stock, so if it’s true that’s good. Other common jokes about Proton QC are like “buy a Proton, get an aquarium free! Best deal for Koi lovers ever. Where’s the aquarium? Your Proton car’s boot of course. It will be filled with water leaking in.”

It is good that Proton is aware of this. It wants to reverse this negative perception that Malaysians have on it’s cars, and is doing more than PR spinning to get rid of the brand image. It is going down to the core of the problem; evaluating it’s product range and it’s suppliers to weed out the quality control issues.

syed_smackdown.jpgIt hopes it’s recently launched Quality Control campaign would address employees, production practices and components manufactured by it’s suppliers to make improvements to Proton quailty.

Proton MD Syed Zainal acknowledged that many complaints by customers on Proton QC were true. “It is important to accept that this is something that has to be changed. The first step is changing individual attitudes towards work,” said Syed Zainal.

I’ve blogged about this attitude towards work before in my post The Korean Advantage. But Syed, I seriously hope that weeding out bad suppliers are part of your plans, otherwise I do not see this going anywhere. Proton personnel attitude especially those at the assembly line can only go so far.