This artist’s impression of the next generation Volvo S40 is thanks to German magazine Autozeitung. The talented artists took design cues from the latest Volvo XC60 Concept, which has also manifested in the new Volvo V70. I heard through the grapevines that the 2009 Volvo S40 will replace both the current S40 and S60 models, as the differences in interior room for the S40 and S60 is pretty much negligible. This would mean the 2009 Volvo S40 will likely be based on the Ford Mondeo/Mazda6 chassis instead of the current Focus/Mazda3 chassis.

Europeans seem to have gone the sleek coupe-like liftback style with all their designs. The new Ford Mondeo has a similiar kind of rear windscreen design, and spyshots of the new 3rd generation Renault Laguna shows a similiar roofline too, sloping so much that it requires a rear wiper.

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