Mercedes Benz logoMercedes-Benz will be unveiling a concept large luxury sedan at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show next month called the Mercedes Benz F700 concept. Unlike most of Mercedes-Benz’s previous F-class concept cars, the powerplant in this one is a little more conventional but still represents a leap in internal combustion engine technology.

No, the number 700 in it’s name does not denote a 7.0 litre engine of some sort. Instead, the Mercedes-Benz F700 will be powered by the recently announced 1.8 litre DiesOtto engine, capable of power outputs of 238 horsepower and 400Nm of torque, yet using less than 6 litres of fuel per 100km in an S-Class!

The F700 could also give us a glimpse of what Mercedes has in plan for us for the next generation S-Class in terms of styling. Expect something similiar to the Concept Ocean Drive. More details on the DiesOtto in a separate previous post.

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