Mazda SKY Engines

Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive will soon find its way into Mazda cars mated to Mazda’s SKY engine instead of Toyota’s Atkinson cycle 1.8 litre VVT-i. The Mazda SKY engine was exhibited at the Tokyo Motorshow last year. It had two variants – the SKY-G and the SKY-D, which are petrol and diesel versions respectively.

The concept SKY-G is a 2.0 litre direct injection petrol engine with variable valve timing and it is likely the engine that Mazda will be mating to the Hybrid Synergy Drive system, as the first Mazda with the new hybrid system is scheduled to be launched in Japan by 2013, and the Japanese aren’t really interested in diesel engines. I think displacement of the hybrid SKY-G engine will not necessarily be 2.0 litres as despite the concept engines being 2.0 litres, there was also a 1.3 litre version of the SKY-G in the Mazda Kiyora Concept.

As for non-hybrid versions of the SKY-D and SKY-G, those are schedule to be put into Mazda cars from 2011 onwards, 2 years ahead of the Toyota-ized hybrid version. They will be launched with a new 6-speed automatic transmission called SKY-Drive.