BMW has released pictures of a pre-production prototype BMW X3 making its rounds. The all-new model wears busy graphics to distract our eyes from a clear picture of the looks, but they’ve also supplied an image where old and new are parked side-by-side, and the size increase is clear.

The original X3, of which over 600,000 units have been sold since 2003, may not be the most sleek or handsome SUV in the market, but this new car will have a “clear visual link with the first-generation” according to Autocar’s insider information. Sitting on the 3-Series platform, the new X3 has grown in all directions – it’s longer by 83mm, wider by 29mm and taller by 40mm. The wheelbase is also up by 15mm. Growing the X3 is logical, now that BMW has the compact X1 in the family.

Expect a bigger boot and more rear legroom, plus a plusher cabin, says BMW. The first X3, and even the new X1, don’t come with convincing interior quality for the premium class, so it’s good to hear BMW addressing this. For engines, reports say that there will be 2.0-litre and 3.0-litre turbodiesels while the petrol front gets a 3.0-litre non turbo (28i) and the 3.0-litre twin-turbo (35i). All are in-line sixes except for the base diesel four pot. As with the F10 5-Series, auto ‘box duties will be taken over by the new eight-speed ZF unit.

The mid sized SUV from Munich is scheduled to make its debut at the Paris show in October. More pics after the jump.

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