bmw welt 2

The next time you’re in Munich, have a fair bit of free time and fancy doing the drive around by yourself bit, you might want to rent a BMW from BMW.

The automaker has begun a pilot project called BMW On Demand, where all its current models can be hired at the BMW Welt (World) in Munich – the mobility service offers rentals on an hourly basis. The project will initially run over a period of twelve months, and will be extended to other locations in Munich in a second phase.

While BMW isn’t the first car company to run such a programme, On Demand is perfect for those who want to sample what the brand’s different model types are all about – you can take a 5 Series sedan for that important meeting on a weekday, and then switch over to a Z4 for a trip into the countryside during the weekend. And, with the M models available too, think of the jollies you can have, say, bombing down the B-roads to Salzburg in an M3 sedan …

bmw welt 1

The desired BMW model can be booked in the colour and with the equipment the driver prefers. Staff are available at a dedicated BMW on Demand counter at BMW Welt to provide individual advice. Bookings can be made directly at the counter or via the BMW Welt website.

Ah yes, the rates. The hourly hire fees vary depending on the model and the time of day, of course. A 1 Series, for example, costs 16 euros an hour, a 5 Series 23 euros an hour. At the daytime rate, between 9am-6pm, a maximum of four hours will be charged, while a maximum of two hours at the night rate goes between 6pm-9am. All the necessary insurance premiums, plus cleaning and servicing, are included. The hire charge as well as the fuel used is payable only by credit card, and vehicles are collected from and returned to BMW Welt centrally.

While the new F25 X3 pictured above was on display at the Welt during a recent trip there, I’d think that one’s not quite on the rental list yet.