Volkswagen has given its international Think Blue website a facelift. Apart from the generous new layout and expressive symbolism, novel features include the three sections called Blue Mobility, Blue Behaviour and Blue Projects. Users are invited to participate in a new mobility project in the My Think Blue. dialog section.

From now, the Volkswagen Think Blue initiative’s new-look website brings users even more information on ecology and sustainability presented in various modules and sections. The new Blue Mobility module, for example, focuses on VW’s efficient powertrains and tech as well as innovative mobility concepts.

The Blue Behaviour module has all the details on efficient driving techniques. In a special section devoted to Think Blue. Eco-Training, users can find out about how to save fuel while reducing CO2 emissions.


The new Blue Projects section takes a look at VW’s Think Blue projects that have been established all over the world. From today, users can discuss their mobility ideas with prospective climate ambassadors and Volkswagen mobility experts in the My Think Blue dialog section.

The new Think Blue Factory and Think Blue Engineering pages details the measures Volkswagen is implementing for environmentally friendly production, and describe activities at various VW sites as well as green product development and the environment and sustainability goals of Strategy 2018. Visit the website at www.volkswagen.com/thinkblue.

Locally, Volkswagen Malaysia recently kicked off the Think Blue. – National Challenge 2013, where 30 finalists will compete against each other in real driving situations to become Malaysia’s most fuel efficient driver. The winner will represent Malaysia in the Think Blue. World Championship 2013 in Germany. Full details here.