BMW Malaysia has updated the 730Li LCI and 740Li LCI with new features. This product update comes a year after the F02 LCI’s introduction in February last year.

The 730Li LCI now gets colour heads-up display, a multifunctional instrument display (the full LCD panel type that you get with the F10 5-Series LCI), as well as a Driving Assistant package with features like Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collison Warning, and City Collision Warning with pedestrian recognition.

The more powerful 740Li LCI gains a sports leather steering wheel with gearshift paddles, Traffic Jam assistant, as well as a Driving Assistant Plus package which includes everything in the Driving Assistant package as well as an additional feature – Active Cruise Control.

The BMW 730Li goes for RM 648,800 while the BMW 740Li goes for RM818,800. Look after the jump for a description of what these new features do.

Lane Departure Warning, a driver assistance system that is based on a video sensor to help drivers keep their attention on the road ahead. The Lane Departure Warning feature recognizes when the vehicle is straying out of lane unintentionally, and will provide the driver with an early warning with a discrete vibration of the steering wheel. The system also takes the vehicle’s speed into account, providing a warning earlier when the vehicle is travelling at higher speeds, so the driver always has adequate time to correct the steering before the lane markings are crossed. To prevent unnecessary warnings, the system will automatically deactivate in city traffic or at speeds below 65km/h.

Forward Collision Warning, a brake application function to prevent collisions by providing warnings should the driver approach a vehicle ahead too quickly. This system issues a visual and acoustic warning if there is an imminent risk of collision and when required, will initiate a braking process.

City Collision Mitigation prevents collisions by automatically braking, at speeds of up to 60km/h with the aim of preventing collisions with other vehicles. Also new is the Pedestrian Protection feature which functions similarly to City Collision Mitigation but with the aim of preventing pedestrian collisions.

Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go, a function innovated to deliver optimally relaxed driving even in heavy traffic. The Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go keeps drivers at a constant distance from the vehicle ahead at all times. When traffic comes to a halt, the system applies the brakes until the vehicle comes to a standstill and will then automatically move on as soon as the road is clear. Active Cruise Control will keep the vehicle at a preferred constant speed within a range of 30 to 210km/h and will automatically adapt to maintain a distance to the vehicle ahead. The Stop&Go function meanwhile is able to control the speed when the vehicle slows down to a standstill and then automatically moves on as soon as the road is clear.

Traffic Jam Assistant will help drivers in monotonous situations on the road. In dense traffic at speeds of up to 40km/h, the system allows drivers and vehicles to move easily along with the traffic while staying relaxed by automatically maintaining the desired distance from the vehicle ahead. It also regulates the car’s speed right down to standstill as well as provides active steering support to help the driver stay on track.