The Honda S660 is a mighty fine vehicle to look at straight out of the box, we reckon. Its pert dimensions, coupled to a number of quirky but loveable aesthetic cues here and there, help ensure that the little kei-roadster packs enough visual drama despite the relatively modest set of numbers it puts down on paper.

For those who agree with the above, stop reading. For those who don’t (and there will be many), Mugen has the answer with its line-up of products specifically developed for the Honda S660. The Japanese tuner and parts manufacturer has released a catalogue consisting of reworked front bumpers, new 15- and 16-inch alloy wheels, a rear spoiler and a hardtop.


Other changes include a front lip spoiler, more aggressive side skirts and a different hood design. On the inside, Mugen floor mats, a carbon-fibre rearview mirror cover (also available in chrome) and a carbon shifter knob are offered. Other aesthetic enhancements include Mugen badges and carbon registration plate frame.

It’s not all about the looks, though. Mugen is also throwing in a sports suspension setup, stainless steel exhaust tips and “an improved braking system” along with performance-oriented oil filter as part of its list of upgrades for the Honda S660. This little cili padi can finally look the part.