Earlier in the week, BMW boss Harald Krueger confirmed that a third model will join the BMW i line-up, which currently consists of the all-electric i3 and the plug-in hybrid i8 sports car.

Krueger revealed that the new addition will occupy the space between both the i3 and i8 but did not disclose what number will be slotted behind the ‘i’ portion of its name. This opens up a variety of options ranging from the i4 all the way to the i7, though the i5 seems to be coming out on tops so far, being the most used name when referring to the new i model.

Additionally, BMW has not released any sketches of the i5, but thanks to rendering expert Theophilus Chin, we now have an idea of what the model could look like. Theo mentions that the render was created after toying with the idea that the i5 should be a compact hatchback, as you can see here.

Keen-eyed observers will be quick to spot a front-end taken from the BMW i8, mated to the rear of a non-BMW model. If you guessed the Nissan IDS Concept from the ongoing Tokyo Motor Show, you are spot on.

The finished product certainly looks quite convincing and a compact hatch certainly would fit the bill of an i model, to occupy the space between the i3 and i8. Said model could be fitted with either an all-electric or plug-in hybrid powertrain.

What do you think of Theo’s rendering of the future BMW i5?