Karma Automotive has announced that it has struck a deal with BMW to supply the California-based company with its powertrain components. These will include the Bavarian brand’s high-voltage battery charging systems and a wide range of hybrid and EV technologies.

Karma Automotive is keen on integrating these components into its next-generation plug-in hybrid flagship vehicle, formerly known as the Fisker Karma, which will be re-launched in 2016. Prior to this, the premium green car maker also confirmed that models currently in development will also adopt BMW’s powertrain components and technologies where possible.

Bernhard Koehler, co-founder of the company said, “I’m personally excited and incredibly proud we will be integrating the sophistication, integrity and character of the BMW powertrain into our own. Karma Automotive products and ultimately our customers will be the greatest benefactors of this fantastic relationship.”

Initially founded in 2007 by Henrik Fisker and Bernhard Koehler, Fisker Automotive declared bankruptcy in 2013, and was later acquired by the Wanxiang Group. Just last September (2015), the new Chinese owners announced that it was renaming the company to Karma Automotive, saying that, “it’s a name that respects our past, while simultaneously reinventing our future. An awareness of what we are doing, and how and why we are doing it.”

Karma Automotive’s CEO, Tom Corcoran said, “the Wanxiang Group is giving Karma Automotive the opportunity to bring a stunning car back to the market, and the partnership with BMW and their outstanding track record is a great fit for the future. We will continue to develop beautiful cars with the latest cutting edge hybrid and EV technology.”

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