Proton_Iriz_Drive_ 012

Although the Proton Iriz was introduced in September 2014 to go head-to-head against the Perodua Myvi in the B-segment market, its sales performance has been a little lacklustre by comparison. Datuk Abdul Harith Abdullah, CEO of Proton commented on the relatively slow start of the Iriz, saying that, “market acceptance of the Iriz is growing, but not as fast as we’d initially liked”

He attributed the slow sales of the Iriz to the loan approval rate, which is described as relatively low. Harith said, “that’s something that Proton is working on with the financial institutions now.” He added that the national carmaker’s initial sales target for the Iriz was between 4,000 to 5,000 units monthly, although the model currently averages just 2,500 units monthly.

With Proton set to introduce a slew of new models in the future, Harith also mentioned that improvements may come for the Iriz as well. “For our current models running today, some need completely new replacements, which are all in the pipeline. Some will be out this year.

“As for the Iriz, it’s still very new, so perhaps we’ll give it a facelift or new technical improvements this year.” In the rumour mill, Proton is said to be working on improving the Iriz’s NVH with new engine mounts, as well as updates to the CVT gearbox. Even a turbo variant could be introduced, given what we saw at the Alami Proton event last year.

What improvements would you like to see should an Iriz facelift be introduced? A turbo with a six-speed manual, perhaps? Or how about one with an electric powertrain? Let us know what you think a refreshed Iriz needs or can do without in the comments below.

GALLERY: Proton Iriz