The Mazda 2 is due to receive price hikes come October 1 – according to a dealer, there will be a RM3,000 increase for the LED headlamp-equipped models and a RM2,000 increase for those with halogen headlamps. The Bermaz website currently states the prices as RM85,466 for the halogen headlamp model, and RM90,766 for the LED headlamp model.

After the price hikes, the halogen headlamp model will be priced at RM87,466 and the LED headlamp model will be priced at RM93,766. All prices are on-the-road without insurance, and the popular Soul Red paint commands an additional RM500.

According to another Mazda salesperson, the price increases are due to the weakening of the Ringgit against the US dollar; trading with Thailand – where the Malaysian-market Mazda 2 comes from – is conducted in US dollars. Aside from the existing differences in headlamps, no changes in specification are forthcoming according to Bermaz, despite the mention of i-Activsense in the sales blurb above.

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