At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Volkswagen showed off its futuristic cabin concept called the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit (3D), which is meant to demonstrate a more intuitive and safer driving experience.

One of the main pieces of tech here is the use of two overlaid screens that create a depth of field effect, allowing information to be displayed accordingly. Crisp and clear graphics are a given here, and they appear to be infinitely customisable.

Eyetracking technology will tell the system where the driver is looking at any given time, allowing the screen to display data with the most relevant ones appearing “closer” to the driver, while less important info is placed further away.

There’s also the carmaker’s AR Head-up Display, that projects virtual information graphics ahead of the vehicle. Meant to be unobtrusive to the driver’s vision, the technology also helps to reduce driver distraction significantly, Volkswagen says.

Aside from the fancy cockpit, the Volkswagen Ecosystem allows owners to set up a personalised Volkswagen User-ID, which registers the respective account owner’s preferences, ready for use in any supported Volkswagen vehicle. The system will also work with the car’s internal personal assistant function (powered by Amazon Alexa), allowing drivers to “ask” for directions or schedule appointments.

According to Volkswagen, some of the tech shown at CES will eventually make its way into the production version of the I.D. concept car, which is scheduled to arrive in 2020.