Launched at the end of March at a price of RM398,800, the G30-generation BMW 5 Series arrived in Malaysia solely as the 530i M Sport. Meanwhile for those who are after an even sportier exterior for their G30 5 Series, there is the M Performance package on offer now, installed on the vehicle on display at the opening of BMW’s regional parts distribution centre in Senai.

Here, the items include the double-spoke, 20-inch 669M Bi-Colour wheel set with run-flat tyres, retailing at RM33,103, high-gloss black-painted kidney grilles for RM543.60 each per side, carbon-fibre side mirror covers at RM1,976.30 each per side, carbon-fibre rear diffuser at RM10,147.95, and a carbon-fibre bootlid spoiler at RM4,282.80.

As seen here, the G30 530i M Sport wears a total of RM52,573.55 in M Performance accessories – but wait, there’s more.

Other M Performance options not fitted to the display car include 20-inch wheels of various designs, with prices ranging from RM27,287.60 to RM33,103. A BMW M Performance sports brake kit with red calipers can also be specified, at RM23,557.70, while M Performance side skirts are also available, with each left and right item priced at RM1,274.90, while side skirt film can also be specified, at RM1,014.80.

Elsewhere, the carbon-fibre front splitter can also be specified – at RM7,176 – in addition to the aforementioned carbon-fibre attachment, while at the back, a rear bumper trim can be optioned, at RM3,448.20, as can a matte black painted rear diffuser at RM2,174.60, in place of the aforementioned carbon-fibre item; a RM1,946.05 matte black-painted rear spoiler can be had instead of the carbon-fibre unit.