Toyota has partnered up with 7-Eleven in Japan to introduce new vehicles and power generators developed by Toyota that use hydrogen. The move allows both companies to work towards and low-carbon and hydrogen-based society in the future.

On the distribution aspect of 7-Eleven’s operations, new trucks that are powered by fuel cells (including their refrigerator/freezer units), will be used with the goal of reducing CO2 emissions. Meanwhile, stores with hydrogen refuelling stations might utilise a fuel cell power generator to act as a power source, although such an idea is still “under consideration” for now.

A stationary rechargeable battery system which uses rechargeable automobile batteries will also be introduced to stores, for us as an emergency power source during disasters. It could also be used for other applications that assist with energy conservation and CO2 emissions reduction.

The Japanese carmaker is seeking more commercial uses for its hydrogen fuel cells beyond using them in cars like the Mirai. For instance, it plans to introduce fuel cell buses in the Tokyo area ahead of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Toyota even offers hybrid power generation systems for use in factories