It’s the birth of a new licence plate run in Malaysia today – The A1M number plate series is now open for bidding. The special plate run is the brainchild of Datuk Irwan Shah Abdullah – also known as DJ Dave (fourth from left), president of Yayasan Artis 1Malaysia, a foundation set up in support of local performing artists including actors, singers and musicians who have aged, deteriorated in health or deceased.

Application forms for bidding can be obtained online from or at Tune Hotel PWTC in Kuala Lumpur. No reserve has ben stipulated for the plate bids, and the A1M series of number plates is said to have the lowest required deposit amount of the special series plate runs, at 10% of the bid. By the way, the plate run goes from A1M 1A1M 1000.

Sales and marketing of the A1M number plate series is handled exclusively by D’City Planners, appointed by the foundation. A launch ceremony will be held where the winners will be announced, and will be invited to dinner with local artists. Keen to get your hands on the latest on the special series number plates? Now’s the time to draw your aim.

‘A1M’ is the latest to join ‘U’, ‘US’, ‘SMS‘, ‘RIMAU‘, ‘PERFECT’, ‘NAAM’, ‘VIP’, ‘GT’ and ‘PATRIOT’ on the unique plates list.