Some time ago, patent images of a mysterious Honda concept got a lot of people excited at the prospect of a baby NSX (or even a successor to the S2000). As it turns out, the car is actually the Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo, which will be featured in Gran Turismo Sport.

Compared to the patents, the car seen in this YouTube video appears to be a little sharper and with more pronounced fenders. As for the interior, it adopts a simple and fuss-free layout, with an F1-style steering wheel and digital instrument cluster. The latter certainly appears to be influenced by the setup in the S2000, don’t you think?

The Sports Vision Gran Turismo isn’t the only concept that will be in the game either, as it will be joined by the stunning Project 2&4, which is powered by a 999 cc V4 engine (215 PS and 118 Nm) from the RC213V.

So, mystery solved then, but we’re still hopeful Honda will turn this concept into a production version in the future. Should such a car ever be made, it could be called the ‘ZSX’ given Honda’s trademark filling.

GALLERY: Honda mystery car patent images

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