The ‘PNG’ number plate series was expected to be popular, as it’s short for ‘Penang’, and the high demand for the series has been confirmed by the state JPJ. New Straits Times reports that the ‘PNG 1’ plate received a bid of RM350,000, the highest ever in Penang. The report names Datuk M. Murly, CEO of a property development company, as the successful bidder.

JPJ Penang’s enforcement unit chief Zulkarnain Yasin said that ‘PNG’ vehicle registration numbers have received overwhelming response since the series was open for tender on October 30. A total of 1,554 bidders tried their luck.

“Total bids received for PNG is RM1.9 million involving 738 successful bidders. ‘PNG 1’ recorded the highest ever in the state, passing the previous record for ‘PNB 1’ sold for RM173,800,” he told the press in Bukit Mertajam today, adding that ‘PNG 5’ and ‘PNG 9’ received the second and third highest bids at RM95,000 and RM91,500 respectively.

There have been no shortage of fancy number plates for tender lately. We’ve seen the Y series, G series, ‘T1M‘, ‘A1M‘, ‘U’, ‘US’, ‘SMS‘, ‘RIMAU‘, ‘PERFECT’, ‘NAAM’, ‘VIP’, ‘GT’ and ‘PATRIOT’, on top of unique regular series plates such as ‘AKU‘, ‘RR‘, ‘DDD‘ and of course, today’s ‘PNG’.