UU number plate series – bidding open until April 2

Yes, yet another new number plate series has popped up, and this one is called UU. The new plate series is an initiative by Golf Gemilang, a programme that aims to elevate Malaysia’s standing in competitive golf via a long-term junior golf development programme. Proceeds from the sale of the UU plate series will go towards supporting a framework for training and educating junior golfers from across the country.

As is the case with special number plates, the UU plate series will be available for purchase through a bidding process. No mention is made on what the minimum bid price is, but word from the grapevine is that these are available on an open basis and don’t have any minimum tender prices. The series – numbered from UU 1 to UU 9999 – is open for bidding and ends on April 2.

The UU series follows on the Q series plate that was announced last week. Other special number plate series that have come about include GG (which would have been perfect for this outing) , SAM, K1M, T1M, A1M, US, SMS, NBOS, NAAM, VIP, G, GT, U, Y, PERFECT and PATRIOT.

Expect there to be more, of course.

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