There has to be great demand for special number plates, as they just keep flowing. Here’s a new one from Yayasan Modal Insan Harta, and it’s rather unique. The ‘GG’ plate stands for ‘Great Generation’, but it could also have a few other meanings, which the great generation of youngsters would be familiar with. Do share.

Numbers GG 1 to GG 9999 will be available for bidding from February 1, which is later this week. There aren’t much info such as minimum bid amounts or categories on the website, but there are contact numbers if ‘GG’ piques your interest.

The ‘GG’ series joins the likes of SAM, K1M, T1M, A1M, US, SMS, NBOS, NAAM, VIP, G, GT, U, Y, PERFECT and PATRIOT to hit our roads, among other fancy plates.