Mobile phone-induced distracted driving has been around for as long as, perhaps, the advent of the short message service (SMS), though today’s far more capable smartphones also mean the distraction factor has been greatly ramped up.

Sweden has recently outlawed mobile phone usage – an activity that will make a driver 23 times more likely to crash, according to Motormännens Riksförbund, though that apparently hasn’t had the desired effect of a reduced crash rate.

To that end, Volkswagen Stockholm has commissioned the production of 153 ‘crashed cases’; one phone case for each case of phone usage-related car wrecks. Made for the iPhone 8, each case is priced at 599 krona (RM270), and all profits from sales of the Crashed Cases will go to Trafikskadefonden, which helps rehabilitate victims of car crashes.

Crashed metal on the back of your phone – a good enough reminder to stay focused on driving?