We’ve heard and seen plenty of the new Toyota Supra over the past few weeks (and months) before its official debut in Detroit next month, but one thing has remained a mystery – the price. In a GoAuto interview with the sports car’s chief engineer Tetsuya Tada, it has been hinted that the cost would have to be “acceptable for Toyota fans.”

No official figures were provided but Tada-san stated it’s more important for Toyota to supply a product that satisfies its fans rather than selling in large numbers. “The goal for a Toyota sports car is not to sell a lot, but to really to sell Supra to fans who like cars a lot,” he said.

It’s no wonder that the company is facing a lot of pressure to ensure the A90 Supra is well received. “The segment for this Supra is very competitive, there are so many other competitors as you know in this segment. So, to compete with that, it has to be so much more fun than its competitors. So, it’s a lot of pressure, and that’s why we have to limit the price as well,” he explained.

“To index the success of a sportscar is really hard. I think that’s why for many of the car companies, it’s really hard to make a sports car. If you can sell more it’s good, but it’s not (a priority) for a sports car,” the chief engineer added.

A vague estimate on the Supra’s pricing involves its sister car, the new BMW Z4, which is said to start from USD65,690 (RM274,518) in the United States. More details will be revealed later following the car’s debut at the North American International Auto Show in 2019.

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