The Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) is catering to Malaysians choosing to remain in the island during the movement control order here by extending the validity of their Vehicle Entry Permits (VEP).

Usually limited to a maximum of 14 days, Malaysian-registered vehicles (that includes cars and motorcycles) will automatically be allowed to remain in Singapore until June 30. As usual, those wishing to stay beyond that point will need to apply for an extension from the LTA.

Motorists will need to ensure they have sufficient value in their Autopass cards for the VEP fee, Reciprocal Road Charge (RRC), Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges and toll payments when they eventually drive out of Singapore. They will also need to update their vehicle insurance validity dates using the VEP digital service to cover the full duration of their stay in the country.

As part of the movement control order, the Johor-Singapore border has been closed off to visitors except for those with work passes entering Singapore. These individuals will need to seek approval from the country’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) before entering, and those not conveying essential services and supplies (such as food) will need to comply to a 14-day Stay Home Notice (SHN).