Honda to showcase Electric Road System at ITS World Congress 2021 – wireless EV charging on the move

Honda to showcase Electric Road System at ITS World Congress 2021 – wireless EV charging on the move

Honda will showcase its Electric Road System at this year’s Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) World Congress, which will take place in Hamburg, Germany from October 11 to 15, 2021. According to the Japanese automaker, the system is able to charge electric vehicles while driving (dynamic charging) and brings with it a host of benefits.

These include shortening the waiting time needed at a static charging station, extending the vehicle’s range as well as minimising the size of an EV’s onboard battery. The concept here is if an EV can be charged while being driven on existing road infrastructure that has been equipped with the Electric Road System, it effectively means that it is “constantly plugged in.”

Such an idea isn’t new, as back in 2017, Qualcomm demonstrated dynamic electric vehicle charging (DEVC) that is capable of charging an EV at a rate of up to 20 kW at highway speeds. The demonstration was performed on a track embedded with the company’s Halo wireless electric vehicle charging technology, while the vehicles were fitted with proprietary hardware.

Wireless charging via induction is often said to offer plenty of advantages because there’s no need for cables or plugs. Additionally, charging pads can be installed in strategic locations like at parking lots or at taxi waiting areas for the transport sector. However, installing the technology does entail massive costs as existing roads would need to be upgraded to support the technology.

Honda is not revealing much for now, so we’ll have to wait until the ITS kicks off in a few days’ time to find out just how Electric Road System will stand out.

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  • Engineer on Oct 07, 2021 at 7:29 pm

    Foremost in EV tech has dismissed wireless charging as a current users are okay with cables

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  • Green on Oct 07, 2021 at 8:54 pm

    HondaE. Kancil size EV with wireless charging, small motor, low top speed, may be sufficient and easy with the wireless charging compared to those 500Miles EV 2022.

    Small, cheerful, wireless charging – save time.
    Bye bye petrol station and charging station.

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