The boys from Proton Motorsports have certainly been a busy lot of late – the latest and brightest to emerge from the stable is a car that made a quiet appearance during last week’s Lotus Renault GP team visit to Proton’s headquarters.

It’s a Satria Neo R3 that’s been given the supercharged treatment, in this case with a unit from Australian-company Sprintex, mounted behind the Campro mill. Set to have 180 hp and 200 Nm on call, this is another Neo that has some serious muscle – late last year, R3 displayed a turbocharged concept at the 2010 KL International Motorshow.

Exterior-wise, the car wears the bodykit from last year’s Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing edition, with a black paint finish accented with red highlights and gold for trim and wheels making for this one’s clothes. Red is featured inside the cabin as contrast shade.

The sad news is that you can’t lay your paws on one – the supercharged offering is just a prototype study, part of R3’s constant exploration into improving the performance of Proton cars, as the division puts it.

In any case, we’re told that it’s still at a very early stage of development, where there are no benchmark performance figures (aside from the as planned rated power and torque above) to be had. Indeed, there are plenty of tests and evaluation cycles ahead for the car.

As such, there are currently no timelines on when or if this will enter production. However, if R3 were eventually to offer this for sale with a car, or as a kit, it should have all the standard Proton warranties, we’ve also been told. Now, supercharger, anyone?

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