The results of the Thai government’s eco car initiative have been 5-door hatchbacks so far but pretty soon we’ll see sedans as part of the eco car project as well, which will inevitably see the same cars be introduced in Malaysia since we are part of the same ASEAN region as Thailand.

Word in the industry is that Honda will is planning a sedan variant of the low-cost Honda Brio. The Honda Brio sedan is expected to make an appearance in 2013, about 2 years time. Other than a Thai/ASEAN introduction, the new Brio Sedan will definitely be offered in India to compete with the Toyota Etios.

Shouldn’t be too hard for Honda to do this – one platform has managed to spawn the Jazz (Fit), the City, the Freed and the Airwave (Fit Shuttle). The only thing would be if Honda will be able to pull off the transition from hatchback body to sedan body gracefully.

There have been some pretty bad results – just look at the last generation Honda City, or the Suzuki Swift Dzire sedan.

Rendering of Honda Brio sedan above by Theophilus Chin.