Honda Accord at Tochigi R&D

A Consumer Reports study in the US concluded that the best cars in the US are sold by Honda, taking into account reliability, performance, fuel economy, comfort, interior fit and finish, and ergonomics. It is also the only automaker in the rest to earn an overall reliability rating of Excellent.

Honda scored 78 on the test, followed by Toyota with 75 points and Subaru with 72 points. BMW, Mazda, Nissan, and Volkswagen are tied at 71 points, while American automakers like GM and Ford scored some of the lowest scores.

In the individual segment tests, Honda vehicles did not always come up tops, for example the Nissan Altima beat the new Accord (shown above, due on our local shores sometime this year) in the D-segment sedan category, but its vehicles consistently rated at the top of their respective categories. Shockingly, the Toyota Camry scored a below average reliability rating in the Consumer Reports study.

GM’s new models did rather well in their respective categories but its rating was dragged down by its older models. The results also showed that Japanese cars fared better than American cars.

Read the full findings here.